An estimated 400,000 tons of hydrocarbons are illegally dumped in the Mediterranean every year. The Falzon Group collects these waste hydrocarbons from ships and safely disposes of them at its terminal in Marsa, Malta.


The E.U. and local legislation limit the sulphur content of fuels used on land to levels as low as 10 parts per million. The Falzon Group guarantees availability of low-sulphur products to meet its customers' requirements.


The Emission Control Areas in the seas bordering the Mediterranean control certain specifications of bunker fuels. The Falzon Group guarantees constant availability of bunker fuel to these specifications.


Local and marine industries in Malta generate around 40 million litres of waste oil every year. The Falzon Group’s environmental arm, Waste Oils Company Ltd, collects and safely disposes of waste oil that would otherwise be dumped on the land or at sea.


Low sulphur diesel (0.01% max) emits 100 times less sulphur emissions into the air than regular diesel (1% max).


Over 1.3 million metric tonnes of marine fuels are delivered as bunkers in and around the Maltese Islands every year.


Only Class 2 and Class 3 petroleum products are stored at the Falzon Group terminals. These are low risk due to their higher temperature of combustion (flashpoint).


The Falzon Group has supplied and distributed petroleum products to the local and shipping industry, to road vehicles and to households for over 50 years.


Brent Crude Oil (17/04/2021)


Gasoil (17/04/2021)

€1 = $1.05



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EMSA-contracted vessel MT Santa Maria on stand by for oil spill from the grounded Costa Concordia

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