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Bunkering the maritime industry

The Falzon Group’s San Lucian Oil Company is the most reputable bunker trader and supplier in Malta. We are fully equipped to supply a wide range of maritime clients. We own and operate 4 bunker barges with an overall capacity of 11,000 metric tonnes as well as an extensive fleet of road tankers. 

We operate one of the largest terminals for storage and blending of bunker fuels in Malta to ensure the availability of quality bunkers whenever required by our customers. Major brand lubricating oils can also be delivered in drums or in bulk.

Our trading desk is manned by highly trained staff who ensure that all our petroleum products are sourced from reputable suppliers and that our clients are given a professional and courteous service at all times.

The Group's bunker barges are operated in strict conformity with all applicable local and international regulations and they are managed by a dedicated team of onshore personnel. Besides being used for our bunkering operations, the Group’s barges are also chartered for the carriage of petroleum products by third parties from time to time.

The Falzon Group’s barges have the following capacities:

M/T Spiro F 1,200 metric tonnes
M/T Santa Tereza 3,150 metric tonnes
M/T Santa Elena 2,600 metric tonnes
M/T Santa Maria 4,000 metric tonnes

Terms of Sale

All our bunker sales and supplies are regulated by our Terms of Sale for Marine Fuels.


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