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Waste Oil Collection and Disposal


We are only too aware of the dangers of oil pollution to the environment. We live with it and prevent it every day of our working lives.

Through Waste Oils Company, the Falzon Group's environmental arm, we effectively meet the need to provide for those dangers at both a local and international level.

Waste oils treated and exported for recycling

At Waste Oils, we provide an effective - and responsible - collection service that is carried out by barge or road tanker. The waste oil, bilge water or ballast is collected from both on- and offshore industries and transferred to our state-of-the-art facility at Marsa (within the Grand Harbour area) to undergo treatment for eventual disposal through export to an authorised site. All operations at our Marsa facility are carried out in accordance with strict conformity to the terms of the Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control Permit issued to us by the Malta Environment and Planning Authority.

Coordinating operations for a more efficient service

With time and money at stake, the provision of both the Group's bunkering and waste oil collection services are efficiently co-ordinated with shorter stoppage times for our customers, particularly for those vessels calling at Malta specifically to receive bunkers and to discharge their waste oils. It takes our watchful eye and 56 years of experience to ensure a safe, cost-effective and efficient service for our customers.

A tank cleaning service

Besides collecting their waste oil and disposing of it in an environmentally sound manner, our customers may also benefit from a professional tank cleaning service, carried out by our fully trained personnel.


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