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Community outreach

A community education programme

We should always make room to better understand the nature of petroleum products and their by-products in the wider community. With that understanding go the benefits and risks associated with such products and their impact on the environment, and how the Falzon Group works to manage and mitigate such risks.

Airing the facts on dumping waste oils

One initiative that Falzon Group takes is the educational radio advertising campaign aired periodically on the Marsa locality radio station. These radio commercials are aimed at giving the public key facts about the hazards of dumping illegal waste oil and about the solutions that the Falzon Group's Waste Oils Company offers to counter these irresponsible actions.

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Sponsorships & Donations

We believe in supporting the community around us. Here are two ways in which we do this.

Sponsoring sport

We appreciate the importance of sport in the community.We are the main sponsors of Lija Athletic Football Club. We also sponsor the Marsa St Michael’s young players football team as well as the Marsa Regatta team, amongst others.

Dress-down days for the Community Chest Fund

The monthly dress-down day for the Group’s office personnel is one way of making a charitable contribution to the needs of those who are less fortunate than others. The Group doubles all contributions collected during the year and the total amount is donated to the Community Chest Fund during its traditional Christmas fund-raising activities.

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