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Fuel for industry

We understand the vital role that industry plays in the local economy and its contribution to the growth of the nation.  So we work closely with major industrial companies not only to ensure that we meet their fuel requirements but also to advise on how to optimise their energy consumption.

Thanks to our logistic network and by working closely with our partners, we supply any fuel required by industry on time.  We effectively make sure that we deliver our customers quality product and security of supply.

Falzon Group offers the following Industrial Fuels:

THIN FUEL OIL 200 sec - 950 sec
GASOIL 0.1% sulphur Industrial Diesel
EN590 (Diesel 10 ppm) Auto Diesel
GASOIL 0.1% sulphur Heating Diesel
KEROSENE Heating Fuel
BIOMASS Auto / Industrial
BIODIESEL Blends of biomass with gasoil 0.1 or EN590

Low Sulphur Fuels

The Group delivers low sulphur fuel products for use in boilers and other similar industrial equipment in line with local and E.U. requirements. Besides the range of low-sulphur diesel products we offer, the TFO range is ideal for low emission industrial use, and comes in a variety of viscosities to suit most requirements.


Biodiesel blends in various ratios are also readily available for delivery.

Call us now for a quote on (356) 22017100 or (+356) 22017101 or e-mail us on:


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