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A strategic approach

The Falzon Group capitalises on Malta’s geographical location to provide bunkering products and services to the maritime industry in the central Mediterranean Basin. To service that central position, we provide a set of integrated operating resources that, together with our 56 years of experience, support and anticipate the maritime industry’s energy requirements on land and at sea. No other company in Malta can do this. Equally important to us are our onshore customers. Here, too, we draw on our expertise and integrated resources to provide competitive and effective solutions to the client’s fuel requirements and related energy needs.

A fully integrated service provider

The vertical integration of our services, so typical of the oil sector and its downstream industries, makes the Falzon Group not just the largest service provider in the Malta market but the most effective. This is because it is a fully integrated service provider that addresses the priorities of its customers. Our competitive advantage lies in our ability to invest and manage our services in what has become a highly respected value chain by our customers.


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