Who we are

We are a bespoke fuel energy provider. We supply a vital service to local and international customers with an assured supply chain and dependable logistics operation that delivers this service where the customer needs it and when the customer needs it.

Our Corporate Values

These are the values by which we conduct our daily working lives, whether we are working on land or at sea, with small customers or large.


Since our pioneering days in the early 1950s, we have never stopped growing the business. Fuel supply and distribution are in our blood. It is what we do.



It is this passion that drives our commitment to the customer. Everything we do is built around the customer’s needs.



From our commitment to each customer comes a level and quality of service that does not stop until the job is completed to the customer’s satisfaction.



We take a professionally responsible view of the risks that are inherent in fuel storage, transportation and delivery. We continuously strive for optimal ways to address these risks in our daily operations.

Our PRODUCTS & Services

Quality Assurance

At Falzon Group we deliver products in conformity with pre-established quality specifications.

We pride ourselves on ensuring that we deliver exactly what the client has ordered. Our fuel analysis laboratory supports our capability to provide blending technology to meet customers’ specifications. Samples of the product to be delivered are drawn during every stage of the blending, storage and delivery process. Should the client request it, these samples may be analysed by an independent accredited laboratory to ensure that the product ordered is the product delivered.

The quality of our service is at the heart of all that we do.  We do not rely solely on our experience in the petroleum industry, but continue to improve our human and physical resources in line with the demands of this dynamic industry. In this way we ensure that we remain a major industry participant with a strong future.